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What Parents Say...

My daughter loves kinder and especially Out & About days. How cool it was sitting 'on the top of the bus' (back seats) or eating pancakes at Preston Market. She brings home millions of 'treasures' from Penders Park and wants to keep them forever. Such a great opportunity to get familiar with traffic and public transport rules as well. My daughter had a great experience! Many thanks to our teachers, educators, the director and the committee! Olga, mum of Lily (5 yrs)

Bush Kinder is my daughter's favourite day of the week and afterwards you can tell by the smile on her face and mud on her clothes she has been having fun.  She loves climbing trees, rolling (yes, rolling!) in mud and learning about native animals.  Coming from Sweden where bush kinder is more common, I'm so happy she still has this opportunity to connect with nature.  Hanna, mum of Elsa (5 yrs)

My daughter has absolutely loved the Out & About program this year. She looks forward to the weekly visits with her kinder friends with much joy and anticipation. She comes home sharing happy and imaginative stories and learnings (such as staying within the boundary!). I love that she is able to visit different areas of the community developing her own confidence and comfort in difference places and spaces. She often points out where she has visited, speaking of people she has met along the way (such as visits to local schools). And it’s been with such comfort and reassurance to have our daughter part of the program in good hands of two teachers and a wonderful educator.  Natasha, mum of Paige (5 yrs)

Both our kids have been part of the Bush Kinder program at Thornbury Kinder and have both loved the experience.  Our now 9 year old still remembers it fondly and talks about it as the best time of his life!  In our fast-paced world, BK is the perfect opportunity for our kids to reconnect with nature, each other and themselves.  

Andrew, dad of Sylvie (5 yrs)

Home kinder was a favourite for my kid - she developed lots of confidence over the year, and was always bringing home creative and wild craft!

Penny, mum of Florence (5 yrs)

The Out & About program has provided Arthur with the confidence to understand his community with his peers.  It's also given him the opportunity to talk about the adventures he and his friends have experienced!  The program has developed his sense of responsibility (don't forget your bag on the bus!) and there are always lots of stories.  This program was perfect for us!  Anthea, mum of Arthur (5 yrs)

Our four year old has loved coming to Thornbury Kindergarten.  He especially loves going to Bush Kinder, where nature inspires so many games.  They go for walks to explore and some sessions Uncle Trevor visits and teaches the children about Aboriginal culture.  He also loves the singing sessions and learning Spanish and often comes home teaching me new songs and words in Spanish.  All the teachers and educators do a fantastic job and the Committee put in a lot of work to have things run so smoothly.  We are so happy with Thornbury Kindergarten and we would love our youngest to come here too when she is older.  Sari, mum of Ruben (4 yrs)

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