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Our Philosophy

In relation to children, families and community we believe

  • That all children are unique and should be given opportunity to reach their potential

  • That every child has the right to be valued, respected and feel safe

  • That children thrive when the family is central to the child’s learning and development

  • Connected communities create a sense of wellbeing for children and families


Therefore we will

  • Ensure our First Nations Peoples are acknowledged, respected and reflected along with all cultures, families and abilities

  • Develop respectful and nurturing relationships with all children

  • Welcome and partner with families to make decisions about their child’s learning and development

  • We will liaise with our immediate and wider community to improve outcomes for children


In relation to environments we believe

  • The environment should feel welcoming and be inclusive of all the families in the service

  • The environment should provide a range of activities and experiences and foster learning by allowing children to explore, wonder and learn through using natural materials in an open ended manner


Therefore we will

  • Provide stimulating and safe indoor and outdoor environments to capture the interests of all children and promote learning, using as many natural and recycled materials as possible

  • Acknowledge the diversity of all families by provision of inclusive environments and practices

  • Teach children to respect their environments and develop an understanding of sustainable practices


In relation to curriculum we believe

  • Learning should combine the children’s interests and skills in addition to intentional teaching

  • Children learn to want to learn when they are invited to explore, experiment and be adventurous

  • Learning is an individual process that should involve the whole family


Therefore we will

  • Encourage learning dispositions such as creativity, confidence and autonomy and considered risk taking

  • Use a combination of intentional and spontaneous teaching strategies based on the VEYLDF

  • Consult with families and children


In relation to our commitment to children’s safety we believe

  • The safety and wellbeing of all children including Indigenous, those with a disability and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background is our number one priority


Therefore we will

  • Have zero tolerance to child abuse

  • Provide a safe, secure environment where all children feel empowered, happy and supported

  • Ensure that all children are safe and free from harm

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