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Donate via Credit Card

Donate via Bank Transfer

Name: Thornbury Kindergarten Inc

BSB: 704 191

Account: 38517 3415

If you would like a receipt for Parent Contributions please write the transaction description as follows:

"PC <child's name>"

Thornbury Kindergarten accepts and welcomes donations from families and community members. These donations contribute towards the enrichment of our community through the education of our children, which focuses on nature-based learning, resilience, connection and emotional health. Any money donated will go towards expenses such as educational resources, maintenance, staff development and programming. 


Please note that as we are an incorporated association, donations to Thornbury Kindergarten are not tax deductible and are non-refundable

Family Contributions

Due to the slight gap between the funding provided by the State Government's Free Kinder program and the cost of running a high-quality service, we ask TK families for a voluntary donation of $100 per term (or as a lump sum). We welcome that families may pay more, less, or none at all depending on their circumstance. We promise that all children will receive the same level of education and care, regardless of any contributions made by families.

Thornbury Kindergarten has a reputation as a warm and supported learning environment where children settle quickly and grow visibly in confidence and independence. We are proud of this and want to ensure it continues well into the future.

If you have any feedback or would like to discuss further, please contact our Kinder Committee on

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