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About us

We are a well established community-run kindergarten in Thornbury. The Kindergarten is an incorporation run by a committee of volunteer parents, and it is owned by the Darebin Council. Our staff are committed and experienced, and they strive to provide a rich, stimulating, safe and fun learning environment.

3 Year Old Kinder

Kindergarten provides a safe and secure social environment where children belong to a group and learn to interact positively with others.  

At Thornbury Kinder we focus on long, uninterrupted periods of play which supports children to build confidence, enhance their social skills and expand their physical abilities.

4 Year Old: Bush Kinder

Thornbury Kindergarten’s Bush Kinder program is intended to support young children through play to develop responsibility for themselves and others. It will encourage early risk self-assessment strategies that will ensure that young children start to consider the impact of their actions on themselves and on others.

4 Year Old: Out & About

Children embark on excursions into the community and experience the learning waiting to happen outside the kinder door – at local parks, at nearby schools, trips to the museum and elsewhere.  Out & About Kinder helps children develop positive, meaningful connections to people and places and helps children to see themselves as active contributors to the world.

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