3 Year Old Kinder

Kindergarten provides a safe and secure social environment where children belong to a group and learn to interact positively with others.  


At Thornbury Kinder we focus on long, uninterrupted periods of play which supports children to build confidence, enhance their social skills and expand their physical abilities.


Some of the developmentally appropriate learning activities may include puzzles, reading books, talking, climbing, jumping, dressing up, pretend play, experimenting, cooking, building blocks and construction.


Children will begin to feel more confident separating from their parent/guardian and have opportunities to become more independent by learning to do things for themselves.


All activities are under the guidance of an early childhood qualified teacher and will help children to practice sharing, make friends, develop a love of learning and learn how to follow basic routines and instructions.

*Note that 3 year old kinder is now included in the Victorian Government funding program so that both the 3 and 4yo kinder prices reflect this funding. 

Thornbury Kindergarten 3 year old kinder hours may also be expanding in 2023, in line with the current changes. Details to be confirmed shortly.