New Playground in 2022!

March 2022

Thornbury Kindergarten is thrilled to announce its successful application for a Victorian Government Building Blocks Grant - totalling almost $200,000! This grant will allow us to revitalise our entire outdoor space in a way that maximises opportunities for creative and independent play. We are THRILLED.

Extensive planning has happened during the application process but the design and construction details have not yet been finalised - stay tuned for further updates. We can say that we are lucky to be working with Urban Discovery on an amazing bush-style nature space and that teachers and children have been consulted in the planning process. Construction will be carefully planned to minimise disruption to the kinder and fully ensure the safety of staff and children. At this stage the work will take 6-8 weeks and likely commence in spring, however this will be confirmed shortly.

If you have further queries or input contact our Committee President Paul Cortissos at

urban discovery.png